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We distribute champagnes and wines from French winemakers and import many natural wines from Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey ... many beautiful wines from across Eastern Europe. Some of our winemakers are known and recognized by wine lovers around the world, their wines are present in the best wine shops and on the most beautiful tables in the world, but others are newcomers in France. We therefore organize tastings and training sessions to help your sommelier and wine shop teams discover these wines.

We also work closely with your service team to ensure that everyone understands the dynamism of our wines, which often carry different aromas and flavours. Our experience will allow you to facilitate the integration of all wines, in store, on your wine list or on your menus. To further enhance this training, we provide your teams with regularly updated technical sheets and on site training.

We also import and distribute in France the Gabriel Glas glasses. The Gabriel Glas One and Only Universal model has revolutionized the service of wine and allows you to considerably limit the cost of your table service.

Our catalogue

We import and distribute Champagne and wines and also the amazing glasses from Gabriel Glas, Austria.

Our Champagnes and other natural wines are sourced from Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey... and across Eastern Europe, and we are constantly looking for further additions to our portfolio.

Champagne, France

Champagne La Closerie / Jérôme Prévost (Gueux)
Champagne Thomas Perseval (Chamery)
Champagne Stéphane Parmantier (Merfy)
Champagne Émilien Feneuil (Sermiers)
Champagne Jérôme Lefèvre (Essômes-sur-Marne)
Champagne Delalot (Essômes-sur-Marne)

Champagne Spirits

La Conspiration (Nogent L'Artaud)


Domaine Bruno Bienaimé


Andreas Tscheppe
Christian Tschida
Elias Muster
Franz Strohmeier

Maria & Sepp Muster
Michael Gindl
Michi Lorenz
Gabriel Glas (glasses and decanters)


Negotians Vinarius
Podrum Franjo
Vinas Mora


Martin Wörner aka Marto (Weingut Wörner)


Pivnica Brhlovce


Marko Fon


Gelveri Kup Sarap

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About us

In French, the word Terrible is used to qualify something extraordinary or catastrophic contrary to the Anglo-Saxon usage which only recognizes the negative side. This ambivalence of meaning resembles us and is a positive reflection of our work, which is always done with rigor and passion but is sometimes improvised and therefore ... naturally disorganized.


Aline Serva

As a child in the school yard, she fought with boys and returned to her parents' home in a terrible state. She has a very strong character and is extremely exigent and enjoys harassing the world of wine (suppliers and customers) to reveal the best in each one.

She is very committed to the world of Champagne and to "natural" wines, she runs and manages Au Bon Manger and Terrible with a very personal but sure taste.


Eric Serva

As a boy, he considered himself Robin Hood. He is an inveterate dreamer of whom nobody really knows what is going on in his head which seems to serve him mainly as a jukebox. If you have accounting matters or something slightly rational to share with us, if you are looking for a reference, a price, an availability, a stock status... contact Aline! Eric is the oil in the Terrible Machine.


Niko Dukan

A totally elusive free electron and serial drinker, Niko is the gypsy of the team, he travels the world to source the most unexpected wines. If you are a creator of natural, vibrant and luminous wines, he will come to see you, he will not be on time, he will leave much later than expected.

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